Highland Ave and Township Line Rd.

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Hey folks, Proph. speaking here. A couple days ago, Mr. T and I were just talking and I mentioned the situation on 15th. and Highland. This piece of land has been sitting there for quite a few years and still has not been put to any good use. I've read in the papers that it has changed hands many times, with promises of development, but always falling through. It was suppose to have had a bank, a market, a chain restaurant, and many other much needed services in that area. So far though, nothing has been done, and as far as I can tell, nothing has been planed. I have an idea that can change that. Just read on to my suggestion

Time after Prime...April Update!

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The Winter passed us by.  The Republicans went away, and the Dems have had ninety days to adjust the furniture and get comfortable.

The CUSD fought for a payday solution, and displayed a nice fight for the students.  Thank God the Clippers brought home the Championship.  And even though the bullets continue to fly...I believe the Police Department has stepped up their game.

We raised our voices for a young man murdered in Florida, and yet we are relatively mum about the degeneration of the I'll voice a few things that I've noticed.

City Hall...Round Three

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I'm not sure if I can keep up!  I give rounds 1 and 2 to the incoming City Administration...but round three?  If you happen to catch a recent  issue of "The Chester Spirit", of visit the CC Blogger...then you know what I mean. (between Feb 20 thru 22.)

I  won't bore you with repetitive reporting, but the opposition is fighting back.  Several questioned have been posed, waiting for an answer.  History and references have been dug up...waiting to be laid to rest again.  Round 3 is quite an eye opener.  Maybe I can go into more detail after round four, but I predict the opposition will hold their own and make it 2 rounds a piece

The Wire Needs Writers

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The Wire is reaching out for stories and news from our viewers.  It is not a difficult process.  If you have a paragraph of more concerning things happening in your Community, School, or Local Government...then send us an e-mail.

Please send any correspondence to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will update the site as soon as possible.

And we would much rather you use an alias as opposed to anonymous.


Can't wait to here from you!  And tell somebody!!!


The Bottom Line...pt1

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At the bottom of education, at the

bottom of politics, even at the

bottom of religion, there must be for

our race economic independence”.




The point of it all was Tony Hamilton’s rendition of the bottom line place. No matter what topic or flavor; function or organization; religion, or institution, they all collaborate in the end with one purpose, SURIVIVAL. The mere basic segment of any single principal, and the bottom line, or point, is that of which “The Elders” have been crying out, and for a long time now. We have always been instructed BY THEM, to pray, by joining hands at the table, or perhaps purging during a family Wudhu session, before prayer, the ritual of prayer still retains “SUPERPOWER”. One of the ultimate desires of our ancestor’s hearts is that ,some day we as BROWN, AFRICAN, AMERICAN MOORES, see and visualize that we have the path and the guiding light shines. It is time that we learn to balance on the BOTTOM LINE.